About Company

We Provide Construction & Architecture

Redfoot Roofing are a national company we have built a reputation from delivering quality projects on time.
Our portfolio of work contains examples of projects of the highest manner. Redfoot Roofing is now fully focused
on reducing your carbon footprint. As Ireland has the third highest emissions in the EU. Redfoot Roofing construction
division are now fully focusing on going green and are offering a full service in the green section to help us get to where
we need to be
We are covering the whole spectrum, heat recovery, solar energy, air to water, and furthering our interest in renewable energy
and smart technology, Redfoot Roofing prides itself on reducing Irelands carbon footprint.

The Company Promise

Ireland has to meet a target by 2040 and our promise from Redfoot Roofing is help reduce carbon footprint and make Ireland sustainable again

Our Testimonials

Having nearly 30 years in the game, I have seen a lot of products and quite frankly, this range is of the highest standard and value for money. Not only that, visually it is exceptional.


Rise Up Design in Blackburn

Thank you for your professional and helpful approach to the whole process. We know these projects are never easy, but we are very pleased with the final result. Do you have a specific document which spells out the 50-year guarantee provisions? We are not planning on selling – ever! – but one day this will happen, and we hope the roof will outlast us! Thank you again for your attention to all matters we raised during the building process.

Marilyn and Max Gosling

A number of friends have commented favorably on the Nulok ceramic stone product all in the belief that ours is an authentic slate roof. There have been a number of storms since completion of the roof and I am pleased to say there has not been a leak.

W.Carpenter Neutral Bay

CEO / Co-Founder

Our new roof has met or exceeded all expectations and looks sensational. I have had a number of favorable comments on the finished look from friends and neighbours.

M. Bowen

Cremorne Point

Improved the appeal of our 1885 two storey building, as well as rectified the major roof leaks we had put up with for some time, predominantly due to the cost of the new slate to the roof. We found the product to be a cost effective alternative… highly recommended to others in a similar situation.

D. Bird