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We supply, fit, and distribute Nulok roofing systems throughout Ireland. The Nulok Roofing System is the future of Tile and Slate Roofing and Integrated Solar Solutions for both Residential and Commercial applications internationally. The Nulok Roofing System has been used on Heritage projects all over the world including numerous churches and cathedrals throughout the UK & Ireland. In fact, a major project for a 16th-century cathedral in London installed solar inserts as well as Welsh Slate to the roof, making it one of the first ecological installations onto a church building in the world.





The benefits of the Nulok Roofing System of most importance to Heritage roofing include:

  • Costs less: Nulok is approximately 20% less expensive than traditional slate installation.
  • Faster: Nulok installation is almost twice as fast as the traditional method of installation.
  • Lighter: Weight is important at only 27kgs per sqm a Nulok roof weighs much less.
  • Stronger: The Nulok System locks the slate onto the roof so single slates don’t slip off.
  • Metal not wood: Nulok metal battens and water channels will not burn, warp or rot.
  • Solar: Nulok solar inserts provide energy whilst remaining virtually hidden from view.

These unique features have made Nulok a preferred option for many major roof renovations on Heritage projects nowadays. Many Heritage architects have decided to embrace the Nulok system and re-roof aging roofs on heritage icons with solar something not possible with the old-fashioned slate installation method.

Furthermore, when you install a slate roof with Nulok you are installing a roofing system that carries a 50-year guarantee against product failure.


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